Our clients are sportsmen, agents, clubs, federations, professional leagues and other companies linked to the sporting activity in any way.

We advise to a wide range of clients as well as we provide services in litigation and arbitration, in domestic and international fields, where the sports law department of Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo possesses an experience since 1981.

Advising, negotiating and drafting all kind of contracts within the sporting field (labour law, image rights, sponsoring, marketing, audio-visual rights, etc.)

Advising and representing sportsmen, clubs, federations, associations or leagues in all kind of procedures (UEFA and FIFA Statutes and Regulations, labour law, disciplinary, commercial, civil responsibility and doping among others), before both the ordinary Courts and the Arbitration Courts (TAS-CAS in Lausanne, Football Arbitration Court in Madrid, Arbitration Tribunal of Basketball (BAT), International Automobile Federation (ICA), etc.)

The trade mark department advises in intellectual and industrial property, when in connection with sports.

Football, basketball, handball, athletics, Valencian ball game, general ball game, rink hockey, judo, taekwondo, indoor-soccer, swimming, tennis, bowling, badminton, rugby and motor sports… are some of the sports where Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo gives advice and helps in legal issues.

We also help sportsmen and federations in doping cases before the internal disciplinary bodies or before CAS.